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 Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, BC-TMH, CEAP

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Susan Burns, MA, LMHC BC-TMH CEAP is a licensed mental health counselor, clinical  hypnotherapist, and consultant in private practice in the Bellevue, Seattle area. Click here for more info.


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Social Healing


Life Transitions

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Relationship Health

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Mind/Body Wellness

Hypnotherapy & Life Centering

Feeling Whole Counseling for integral health and  healing - personal, relationship, career, and community wellness.

Follow this link for information on Feeling Whole skills and practices such as healing through hypnotherapy and other body/mind approaches as well, defining clarity, focus, purpose for direction in life.

Family Connection

Life Purpose & Transition

Family Connection with Susan Burns MA LMHC features client centered counseling for Children, Adults, Couples, Families using whole system approaches and an integrated array of therapies.

Transitiion Tools uses an objective and integral approach to the process of change from with methods which are experiential, client centered, practical,  holistic, and informative for life.

























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