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This section is in progress with the intention of offering you specific helpful information about healing for wellness. Wholeness emerges from the fullness of the human heart when it is open to change. So relax into truth as guide, listen to the wisdom of the body, and heal relationship. This is how to qualify your life with clarity, brilliance, and compassion.

Feeling Whole is work in progress guiding you to Awaken The Heart; Access Internal Wisdom; and Heal Relationship. The mind and the body do work integrally for your health.

Holistic Healing

Acknowledging the mind and body as one organism, continuously growing to actualize full human potential is the first step to wellness.

Current psychological research validates how the mind works in self healing through the connection of mind and body. The keys are in love and forgiveness. We actually can change our neurochemistry.

All relationship, whether between mind and body, or self and others, is at the root of healing and self empowerment. We can transform our health and well being, changing our neurochemistry by actively cultivating inter-relationship.

Wholeness is Wellness.This section brings you information on healing for wellness.
Holistic Psychotherapy using various modalities.

Family Connection counseling is a holisti practice founded by Susan Burns, MA, LMHC, NBCCH which serves individuals,children, families, and groups.

Relationships can be healed holistically

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Life Mastery.

Transition Tools can help transformation.

Learn how clinical  hypnotherapy can be integrated for deep healing.

Susa Burns offers holistic psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and mind/body approaches to healing and life direction.

We can get in touch with the subtleties of these connections in powerful catalytic ways which then begin to integrate many levels of our being and knowing.

Holistic psychotherapy believes that illness develops from dis-ease or being out of touch with the energetic flow of emotions and the wisdom of the body. Dis-ease can be reversed. The body and mind can come into balance reciprocally to support the individual as a whole system. We actually all have superior capacities to tap and this wisdom and balance the energetic flow of the body, but we must learn how.

Living systems in relationship with other living systems connect by a unified field of consciousness. Karl Jung, the father of psychotherapy called this the unconscious. There are many types of approaches available to tap this innate wisdom through working at the body level up or working from the mental down, but all healing is approached by focusing attention, using intention, and activating the mind and body in relationship to restore balance so that the client removes blocks to self regulation within this subjective, unified field.

Holistic psychotherapy honors the innate, unfolding wisdom in all personal systems, mind/body, family, and community.

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Relax the heart into truth as guide;
Tap the wisdom of the body.
Mind and Body,
Relating through Clarity,
Brilliance, and Compassion

Wholeness . . .Healing. . .Wellness
Through understanding our mind, knowing our heart, and listening to the wisdom of the body, we can begin to connect the clarity, brilliance, and compassion that reside in each of us. Knowing how to use this wisdom is central to activating the capacity to shape relationship and to open ourselves fluidly to the wisdom inherent in family and community systems. In turn, through the practice of relationship, we expand the wisdom that we innately have.

A systems perspective is applied to mental processes as well as relationship processes for healing and personal integration. Therapy practices involving the whole person can now utilize analytical processes and the new science of emotions. Information about how your brain actually works can be learned from traditional assessment as well as from the inside out through psychotherapy. Some specialized techniques in psychotherapy can be applied in various situations to access non-verbal knowledge from stored wisdom in the body. This knowledge can be a very powerful tool for insight offering avenues of emotional healing and release that are non verbal, linked together, and very powerful.

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Family Connection





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On Relationship Wholeness Is Wellness

What is Mental Health?

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