Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy uses integrative methods for healing mind and body.

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The mind, which is comprised of our cellular patterning, body and spirit as a whole, is a powerful natural tool for healing.

Relaxation and deep rest for the mind can be used to help a person heal. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that is different from waking or sleeping. Deep emotional states can accessed and healed with hypnosis.

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During hypnosis, whatever a person puts attention creates a hyper-focus. Focused intention and attention with this state of mind can lead to powerful emotional and behavioral change. A skilled clinician can work effectively within the subconscious to access powerful beliefs, release emotions, and create lasting change on a very subtle level.

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Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy involves using hypnosis for healing mind and body as a whole with attention to these emotional states. The advanced practitioner can effectively assist the client in using the principles of attention, intention and laws of the mind, navigating through  powerful subconscious material that is at the source of emotional issues. Advanced Clincial Hypnotherapy  requires the clinician to have training and experience in mental health counseling and advanced hypnotherapy techniques. The clinician will set very specific treatment goals and will creatively select methods to effectively and safely reach these objectives.

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Hypnosis FAQ's

Clinical Hypnotherapy

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