Personal Profile

Personal Profiling will help you focus on your priorities, strengths, personal style.
You can focus on self, relationship, career or all of it.

How can the use of attention and intention get results given your particular situation?

The profile will show your strengths, preferences, and challenges in the following areas:

  • information processing

  • learning issues

  • decision making

  • project management

  • leadership

  • stress management

  • time management

  • relationship enhancement

  • communication skills

  • teambuilding

  • career enhancement

  • creativity and self growth

How might learning of your particular strengths and interest support your development?

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Develop your personal tool  and use intention to get results as a result of the exploration of personal, relationship and career goals that you set for yourself based on your profile.
  • The Profile will help you streamline your approach.
    You can feel less chaotic in your approach to work and life by learning to use intention and focus on the right areas. Focus on usefulness; eliminate wasted energy; discover your needs; focus intently on personal goal's for results.

  • If you want to improve relationship.
    The Profile will show communication patterns and the best way to approach intimacy and relationship. The advantage is that you have the individual assessment for both individuals yet communication patterns based on individual preferences and styles can be shared and compared in a way that partners understand how to communicate better.

  • If you are looking for career improvement.
    Your life passion awaits you. the profile will  help you understand interests, what kind of environment you need to work in, how you can best thrive, what kind of employment and environment the individual you would need, and how you function best on a team.

  • If you want to effectively express yourself.
    You can strengthen your approaches to projects by profiling your skills. The Profile will help focus on what is essential. Concrete skills for work and play emerge for improved task efficiency. Infuse your projects with your own creativity.

  • If you want to overcome learning challenges.
    The Profile is perfect for  honing in on an area of challenge and providing individual strategies to support a person's best learning model. Those who are stuck on a certain issue, or need some direction with a psychological processes, will gain by understanding how best to shift to a more relaxed and accepting state.

  • If you want to clear away emotional blocks.
    Often understanding your profile needs will lead you to understand a conditioned context for fear and limitation.

What is a Personal Assessment?

Process of Transition?
Susan Burns, MA, LMHC

In The Feeling Whole Tool Kit there are many strategies and techniques as varied as individual clients. Two very powerful methods are Hypnotherapy and Personal Profiling. Feeling Whole Website will bring you more information on wellness.




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