Personal Assessment

What is a
Personal Assessment?

How can you Transform?

The profile will show your strengths, preferences, and challenges in life, relationship and work. This work is totally individualized with strategies and tools which are tailored to your needs.
The profile is useful if you are in any kind of transition, and want to make changes constructively and effectively. You can combine it with counseling or coaching. See all the Counseling Services available.

There are various approaches to assessment analyzing from information processing models to personality assessment. A combination of these assessments can lead to integrating several factors into a useful view of self. Discovering this view can inspiring, motivating, and enlightening and can lead to personal empowerment in ways that could not be previously imagined.

We all have different approaches to learning, working, and socializing. Systematic analysis of these approaches can be useful when we are trying to make life changes or when we have learning issues. By categorizing specific key areas within a specialized context, we are able to create inner tools that can be applied in many different ways in our lives. we can create plans and strategies that help with learning and career focus, personality issues, and social issues.

Profiles can be used to understand your personality. When looking at your profile and combining it with your  personal history suddenly a lot of things make sense and personal integration can occur, where you feel that you really know yourself, your potential and capacity for stress, and have tools to deal with your limitations. This can be useful in career, finance, planning and in relationships. Partners and groups can do profiles so that they learn to communicate better.

What Can Be Done with Personal Profiles?

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In The Feeling Whole Tool Kit there are many strategies and techniques as varied as individual clients. Two very powerful methods are Hypnotherapy and Personal Profiling.




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