The Path to Wellness
Use your heart's desire as the craft of life.

Life Mastery is knowing how to use attention and intention, find truth, and apply life skills with clarity. Get to the other side of  limitations and emotional wounds by releasing from your past, finding personal preference, making room for passion, living truth with confidence and conviction. Skillfully transform obstacles into resources and live freely.
  • Find your inner resources.
  • Learn your heart's desire and let go of what blocks it.
  • Release the past and move into living with wholeness.
  • With precision gain clarity on personal preferences and your individual  approach to life, work, and love.
  • Focus your attention and use your intention to craft a life that is effective and meaningful.
  • Learn who you are and fine tune your skills for a full life.
  • Find freedom in getting to who you are and expressing it.

The process is to design a life map implementing your own inner resources combined with practical tools.

Working objectively and subjectively you will use:

  • personality and character profiling
  • cognitive processing/thinking & learning indicators.
  • inner wisdom from your internal life map.
  • tools and strategies for your given life circumstances.

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Life Mastery



Transition Tools

Personal Profiling

Profile Description

Given the skills you now own, you can design a life that works for you by learning more about yourself objectively, through
 Personal Profiling.

You can discover yourself from the inside out with inner technologies like Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and other useful Mind/Body techniques.

To practice focus, individual Transition Tools can be strategies to keep you on target. We will use many tools to access and get to know your inner and outer world.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

See also a description of a variety of Counseling Services
and their respective links in this site. There is also information at About Counseling

For more information See Family Connection and you can also go out outside this web to view the Family Connection web site.
For more information See Family Connection web site.