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How do you want to deal with the changes that you are going through or need to go through? Change is frightening. To move through it we must let go of the old so that we can bring in the new.

This is not often easy. We need to understand the creative process inherent in transitions so we can move through it confidently, learning as much as we can about ourselves in the process so we gain for the future.

How do you want your future to look? What are your skills and how do you want to focus them to enhance your life?

What might help you to move through transition in its various stages?

There are tools to assist in your inner and outer process. Many tools can overcome trapped feelings.  Reducing fear and accepting the natural process of change requires strategies. Other tools will help to empower you. Still others will guide you. There are survival, self growth, career, and relationship tools.





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Transition Tools

Transition Tools is  an approach to counseling that implements assessment. strategies, and skill for personal empowerment.

These are hands on tools that will assist a person to easily make effective, lasting  change.

Whether it be personal, relationship or career transitions, change is easier with planning and implementation of appropriate techniques.

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Transition Tools

Susan Burns, MA, LMHC

What it the process of transition? What practical tools are there to access your inner wisdom and what tools might help you get clear on your talents and skills. What tools might help you overcome obstacles?

In The Feeling Whole Tool Kit there are many strategies and techniques as varied as individual clients. Two very powerful methods are Hypnotherapy and Personal Profiling.

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